LED FLOOD LIGHT 50W – Economical Series

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The Economical Series LED Flood Lights :

Economical Series LED Flood Lights are ultra thin design and ideal for security around your home, business. The IP65 rating means our LED Flood Lights are suitable for all weather types and can be used to light the smallest or largest of areas, depending on the wattage you choose.

Environmental – Friendly Design :

LED flood light has structure which is it will not affected by whether conditions. By using of lightweight alloys and high – tech spray technology which is it can prevent housing rust and corrosion. The body lamp is reliable, waterproof and dust proof with no electromagnetic interference to the surrounding environment. Good heat transfer can reduce the probability of lamp failure. Multi – color light available such as soft light, low power consumption with estimation life time up to 15,000 hours. Compact lamp body , easy to install, aesthetics and durable.

Note : Minimum quantity order 2 units

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Enersun LED Flood Light 50W Economical Series complete with 1 months warranty


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