Street Lantern/ Industrial Lamp


Enersun has many years of experience in LED Street light and parking lot lighting. Enersun LED Street light always applies with the latest technology in the industry, either in the field of optical system, mechanical or electronic design. By using reliable and advance technology of LED module, ensure the high luminous efficiency and minimize losses by reflection and refraction inside the optical module. Multiple lights distribution option available to suitable with different number of road lane. Good waterproof IP66 and well heat dissipation design ensure the optical and electronic components inside the lamp are well protected. This is the key of guarantee the total life span of the whole luminaires.  Enersun street lamp is suitable for working environment from -40 to 50 degree. It come with adjustable bracket 0 – 90 degree make it suitable with different style of lamp pole. Additional various type of convertor is available make it connected to every size of lamp pole. Enersun LED Street light all equipped with at least 10- 20KV surge protector device to protect the lamp from lightning attack. All the LED drivers used inside must go through IEC 61347 safety test. The luminaries has IEC 60598 safety test as well.